A day off!!!

So, after working for about 9 days straight, the last 4 or 5 being doubles, I got a night off last night.  What did I do?  Sleep.  I started watching a movie, about halfway through I start nodding off, I lie down for a short nap, wake up 4 hours later, check a few things online and go right back to bed for the rest of the night.  Wake up at 0630 feeling like a new man.  I think I’m gonna half to take a day off at least once every 2 weeks from now on.  I’ll see what the boss has to say about that.

Yeah, I knew I wasn’t the only one that ever dealt with this

‘It has a power switch?’ IT support staff reveal the most absurd queries they receive

I am a tinkerer.  I fix things.  Doesn’t much matter what it is, given enough time I can fix it.  My specialties  are air conditioning, refrigeration and computers.  To this very minute, I honestly believe my years of service work are the reason I despise people so much.  The idiotic questions I’ve been asked, the shit I’ve seen intentionally done to appliances and computers, the deplorable conditions some people live in, just on and on and on.  I could be a very wealthy man right now, running a couple of businesses, employing lots of people, but I hate people in general.  I avoid contact with them whenever possible.  I work in a machine shop, running a machine that mills and drills part of a motor for a very popular motorcycle company.  I am at my machine by myself all day and I can count the people I interact with on a daily basis on one hand, and I am an exceedingly happy person now.

That’s not to say I don’t still tinker on shit.  I still take care of all my friends and family’s a/c’s and computers.  There’s no end to the tinkering I do on my own computer, and there’s always something around the house tearing up.  I love working on stuff, I just can’t stand the people that own that stuff.  Much rather hang out with my dog.

Ahh, vertical living

So, I’ve been sick as a dog for 4 days now.  Scratch that, my dog is in better shape than I am.  But, I think it’s finally peaked and on the downswing, I’ve actually been upright a whole hour this morning!  The really shitty thing is it has been gorgeous here most of the week, temps in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s, abundant sunshine, a light breeze.  I had to open my bedroom window just to be able to enjoy a fraction of that goodness.  This is also another case where I can bitch about growing old.  I used to almost never get sick when I was younger.  Maybe once every 5-7 years I would catch a cold and that was it.  This is happening more frequently these days, and I think something should be done about the situation.  They say youth is wasted on the young, and I wholeheartedly agree.  Think I’ll talk to someone and rectify that mistake.