What a night

So, had to laser parts for 4 hours at work tonight, then at 1900 started my machines up.  One promptly crashes, the other runs a half load and alarms out.  After set-up and maintenance tag team the one machine, it runs another two loads and alarms out again.  So I basically ran 30 parts on one machine when I should’ve ran 110 on that one and 40 on the other.  This Goose Island IPA and tobacco vape juice should make the rest of the evening a-ok.


No charges for Queen Clinton.  Willfully and intentionally broke the law, gets off scott free.  Let me try the exact same thing and I’d never see the light of day again.  It must be great to be a DC insider these days.

Hey, how bout them Brits?

Voting to withdraw from the EU and all?  Now it seems like France, and what, Brussels?  Austria?  Couple of those other European countries wanting to leave the EU.  Seems like they all lost their taste for centralised government.  Poor babies.  Never shoulda joined that shit in the first place.  Fuck the EU, the UN, NATO, the Bilderberg Group, DuPont’s, Bush’s, all of em.  Not in any way advocating violence, but it seems to me like it’s time for bullets, not ballots.