A brief pause for station identification

There will be no more posts on this blog.  My personal life is currently shit, and that takes precedent.  I will leave this up for the archives until hits reach zero, then it’s gone for good.  To everyone that took the time to read something here and post a comment, thank you.  To all of you guys that helped me along the way thank you.  And to all who happened here from some random search engine and actually learned something, thank you.  That’s why I did this.

Fuck Obama.

Quite possibly the best article I’ve ever read

Painless Suicide

I have the misfortune of suffering from major depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and etoh addiction.  needless to say, my life is a fucking mess.  today is one of those kind of days when i start digging around for razor or rope.  i’m fucking miserable.  i want it over with.  but then i read an article like that, written by someone in the same predicament as myself, and i feel hope.  i don’t want to make that list.  i won’t make that list.  i will overcome this and get on with my life.

Wiley? WTF???

I swear to God, it seems like every time I open my browser and check the weather there’s a fucking new winter storm warning displayed.  Are you kidding me with this shit?  It’s the middle of March, the most we should have to be dealing with right now is high winds.  Noooo, we’re getting another fucking ice storm tomorrow and Tuesday, which means I’ll probably miss another day of work, and since I’m the only one living here now that really hurts.  And those dipshits in D.C. are still running around yammering about global warming and wasting our tax dollars combating a non-existent problem.  SMH.

Fuck winter.  And fuck Obama.