A few thoughts on the celebrity nude photo leak

First let me make an admission: I have seen the Jennifer Lawrence nude pics.  As soon as I heard about the leak I made it my mission to find them and I was not disappointed.  I also found the Kirsten Dunst pics, not quite as exciting but still worth viewing.

There’s been a lot of brouhaha about how ethical it is to view private pics that people had every right to expect to remain private.  My thoughts on that?  If you don’t want it seen, don’t take a picture of it.  Period.  And if you have to take a pic of it, do not upload it to someone’s server, email it, text it, snail mail a hard copy or even talk about it.  Keep it on your phone or computer and do not allow anyone access to either one.  There’s a reason for that:

I have an ex-girlfriend that was bi-sexual and was friends with a swinging couple.  You can see where this is going.  We were house sitting for the couple one weekend and I was told I could use the house computer.  With no effort whatsoever I found a large cache of pics I most definitely wasn’t supposed to see.  Needless to say that was the end of the relationship with my girlfriend.  The point is in this digital age nothing is safe anymore.  Even if you thought you deleted those selfies, with access to your hard drive I could probably still pull them back up.  Phones may be a little harder but I’m sure I could do that too.

Point is, quit taking pictures of everything.  Simple as that.  And if you do, don’t bitch when they get leaked.

Do I feel one bit guilty for looking at nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence?  Hell no,  I’m willing to bet sales of the first two Hunger Games movies are about to pick up a bit, so it’s probably going to benefit her.  I know I’m going to watch them again, with a whole new view of the lead actress.

As an aside, no server in this world is safe anymore.  Between Anonymous, NSA, CIA and FBI anything digitally transmitted is seen, fuck promises of only viewing metadata.  Look at your better half in person and keep those images in your head.  They haven’t figured out a way to get to those yet.

Another aside:  Jennifer Lawrence is hot as hell.

A long overdue update post

Well what do you know, still warm the blood that courses through my veins

Or more succinctly, what a long strange trip it’s’ been.

Regular readers will recall that at the beginning of the year I was having some heavy duty financial problems.  Shit never really got much better and I had to move out of my house and in with my sister.  Still here right now although that may change soon and I’ll have to move 30 miles further from work.  Second transmission in my truck shot its wad so i had the whole damned thing  crushed, had to get a run down car from a used lot just to get back and forth to work, and speaking of work our hours just got cut back to 32 a week again for the foreseeable future.  Relationship with the wife is rocky at best but at least we’re not hurling death threats at each other anymore.  I’ve lost a lot of possessions over the year.

The cool thing is, I’m still alive and in great health.  I have a job.  The meds the doc has me on should really be called fukitol, cause I don’t really care what happens.  For the time being I have a roof over my head, a little food in the fridge and a few dollars in my pocket and I’m happy.  There are some far less fortunate than me.  

We just recently got internet again so today is one of the first times in a long long time I’ve sat down and spent any time at my computer.  I’m staying away from politics because my hypertension damned near killed me, and I’m just not dealing with it anymore.  If the Schutzstaffel forms and the camps open I’ll go with my head held high.

To all my blog buddies, please email me at carlito119732004@yahoo.com or carlito19732014@gmail.com and let me know how things are going.  I would really love to hear from you guys on a regular basis.

I’m going to try to start posting a little more often, but without me bitching about what our government is doing this thing will quickly degenerate into either  a porn site or a poor poor pitiful me site, and I don’t want to see it go either way.  I’m trying to stay positive, and I’ll try to post positive shit.  At any rate, it does me good to let shit out of my head and onto the screen and get comments I can reply to.  Thank you all for being here for me.